Do you ever have one of those days, nothing is wrong really, it is just an ordinary day, but you feel an underline thread of sadness? I call them Sad Days. Super original, I know whatever. Today is a sad day for me. Nothing is really wrong I just feel a stirring of discontent and sadness. If I try and think about it logically I can come up with reasons for it. We are in the middle of winter and I need sun on my arms. Finishing up with the end of the year bills that are budgeted for but still draining. I finished a huge project that consumed the last two years of my life. I need a new project but that is scary and uncertain. I need a change but I’m not sure what it is. Thinking on my dreams and wondering how I will accomplish them. I can know these things in my head but it doesn’t help that hole in my heart. The hole that fills up with sadness every few months and spills over a little. I know it won’t last long and by tomorrow I will feel better.

But for today I let myself feel the sadness because it is part of life just as much as the happiness and contentment.