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Welcome, sit and read awhile. 

A place for new authors and writers to connect and explore. Read my musings and learn from my experience as a new author who is self-publishing a YA fiction book series. Perhaps you can relate to my adventure. 

My first self-published YA fiction novel. Dandelion Jane: Strawberry Jelly
is available for purchase on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. The second book in the series is set to release Winter 2019.

“There are books that I plod through and those gems, every once in a while, that I can’t put down and read straight through. Dandelion Jane was one of those gems. The author’s character development was so good that I could picture each of the characters so clearly. I was rooting for Dani from the very beginning and am eager to hear more. A. R. Stanley is one of those very gifted writers that I think we will hear great things from and about. She’s now on my short list of favorite authors.”

– Amazon Reviewer

“Riveting story, I couldn’t put it down. The relationships of the characters and the setting of rural Missouri seep into your soul. Read it!”

– Amazon Reviewer

“This novel realistically depicts how difficult life circumstances and drug and alcohol addiction impact a person, family, and community. The author creates memorable characters whom you both love and hate and situations which span from hopeful to devastating. The ending left me hoping for a sequel to further delve into Dani’s complicated past and future life.”

– Amazon Reviewer

A Year on The Porch

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