My therapist wants me to use this grounding technique to help stave off the PTSD. It’s gotten worse since August, since I almost killed my best friend, and left my other best friend to a pack of wolves. I don’t think I could sink lower than I am. All I see around me is pain, anger, my own screw-ups, people who hate me, and no escape. The grounding technique doesn’t help. It leaves me feeling more alone, bitter, hallow, and like a pariah. All anyone talks about is how I killed Katie, almost killed her brother, and won’t ever, in a million years, stay clean. As winter approaches, I wonder if I’ll make it through to the other side. Back to the meadow with the sweet-smelling grass and chicory. I don’t think I will. I think all I’ll ever know now is this empty life. The taste of weed on my lips.

Will Dandelion break free of the depression pulling her down? Are drugs, alcohol, and sex the only answers that ever make sense to her? Could redemption be only one more turn away? Come back to Greenside and see how Dani fairs in book 2 of the Dandelion Jane series.

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