I have a new perspective this morning. I’m sitting on my new green couch in my sunroom looking out at my vegetable garden. I find myself pondering vegetables and fruit. Normally, I look out at my lamppost, pondering light and dark. . I wish changing perspective was as easy as changing a room when it … Continue reading art


We are getting close to a year. I can feel it. I know it’s coming, not from the season change, the start of a school year, but from the ache in my heart. . The tension grows in my shoulders. . Each morning that you sleep late, I grow anxious. Do I go check, and … Continue reading pinwheel


verb (1)in•vest | \in-vest\invested; investing; investsCollegiate Definition (Entry 1 of 2)1 :to commit (money) in order to earn a financial return2 :to make use of for future benefits or advantages// invested her time wisely3 :to involve or engage especially emotionally // were deeply invested in their children’s lives . What have I invested in all … Continue reading invest


It feels harder to write these past few weeks. There isn’t a lack of content swirling in my mind. It’s harder for me to tap into what’s there. I don’t want to misrepresent what I feel. My art teacher recenetly sent these prompts to us... . How am I?When am I?Where am I?What am I?Who … Continue reading quest


I tried to create yesterday. It didn’t work. I sat with my iPad for a long while in the morning but no words flowed. Later that day, after I had eaten, and avoided, I sat down to create. I looked at my papers, paint supplies, flipped through a magazine, looking for an image to create … Continue reading create


There are two sides to every coin. Two sides to every tale. A blind man holding the trunk of an elephant may describe the trunk beautifully but miss the entire animal. He’s still not wrong in what he tells you. . I often wonder what your side is. I don’t think it is a nice … Continue reading out


Three years ago, I started getting serious about losing weight. If I remember right, in the spring of 2018, I decided to give running a try. It took me months of pushing myself and not giving up to get to the point where I found a small amount of joy in it. I mostly ran … Continue reading run


I went on my first float trip a few weeks ago. Growing up in MO it’s shocking I’ve not been on a float trip until now. When people say float trip, I automatically think of inner tubes and beer, and that didn’t sound awfully appealing. When the idea of camping, floating, fishing, going in a … Continue reading float