This morning my mind swirls with thoughts and ideas. Mostly about my “in real life” life but some in the fantasy world my mind always lives in. The one populated by people I know as well as I know myself. There are girls who sit and create, Dandelion and Quinn and Penny. Girls who rage … Continue reading musings

push & pull

“I can't say a true thingIt's hard to be that honestI know you're not askingBut I told you that I promised There's always two thoughtsOne after the other:I'm aloneNo you're notI'm alone no you're not I know I'm pretendingWhen I try to have an answerIt's not what I intendedAnd I don't know what comes after … Continue reading push & pull


I’m feeling a little sappy. . To be honest, friendship has always been hard for me. Do you remember being a kid and asking your friends who their best friend was? Especially asking your best friend who theirs was in order to hear them say your name? I still remember the last time I asked … Continue reading bloom


Some days I wake up with a blog in my mind. There have been nights I go to sleep with one rolling around, half written, waiting to emerge the next morning. Other days you wake up, sit down, and stare at the screen with no words coming. . Today feels more like that. . The … Continue reading cave

small felicities

“You’ll never be happy.” . “Was I a happy child?”“Not particularly.” . Happiness. . I have a weird relationship with ‘happy’. . I’ve started having more conversations with people about this concept, this word, this elusive feeling we call happiness. For a long time, I kept my ideas, thoughts, musings, on the inside, scared to … Continue reading small felicities


I pick a word for my year. It’s like a New Years' resolution, but different. Instead of making a list of things I’ll do and things I’ll stop, I have a word that pushes against everything throughout the year. . Brave. . Present. . Process. . Permission . In early October of 2019 ideas for … Continue reading permission

open or closed

“We live in abundance here.” Those are words my art teacher uttered to the class last spring. I’ve been chasing them down ever since. . Scarcity. I lived in a world of scarcity for a long time. Scarcity of money and time. Scarcity of resources. Scarcity of dreams and love. . I thought I knew … Continue reading open or closed

broken and whole

There is this magical place in Florida that my family has vacationed at in the past. It’s the kind of place where your troubles melt away and everything in the world seems to set right. . One summer, I was sort of obsessed with finding only broken shells. Not that finding broken seashells is difficult. … Continue reading broken and whole


Quarantine is an intriguing time. For me, I think a lot of positives have come from living in a tiny bubble. In some ways, I have wondered if it has been a greater protection for me during this season in my life. . Something I think on often is church during this time. My faith … Continue reading change