My Writing Space

Do you have a designated area that’s for writing or doing art?

This is my desk in my studio. I had to face the window. Had to. I love looking out at my backyard all year long.

It isn’t really about the space

I’ve moved around the house with my writing and creativity. I started out in our sunroom. Later, I had a writing cabinet in our bedroom. Now I have a studio downstairs.

One thing I’ve learned, it really isn’t about the space, it’s about your mindset. You just need to pick a spot and train your mind to write while you are in that place. I’ve written novels working in my writing cabinet, in my studio, sitting on the couch, at kitchen table, in a crowded Starbucks…

I really enjoy finding new systems that work for me. Those milkcrates are filled with my character notebooks for Dandelion. They also hold notes for other projects, maps of Greenside, notebooks… Sitting on the floor is my writing go bag. The box holds my supplies for mailing bookmarks.

That’s what I like about having a designated place – a studio, I can spread out and dream the dreams. I can write, create, mail things, making videos… When I’m in my studio my brain knows it’s time to create. I can daydream while looking at the window and watching the seasons change. The holly tree out my window grows berries for the birds in winter and flowers for the bees in spring. The honeysuckle on the back fence makes our yard smell like heaven. It all finds a way to seep into my studio through the window.

The inside of the closet was transformed into my art space a few years ago. It’s my spot to get messy. To work on hand lettering, collage art, crafts, whatever I want to create outside of writing!

Where do you create?

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