Favorite Motivational Quote

I am not sure if this is my favorite motivational quote of all time, but it is for sure a favorite, perhaps even a mantra of this year.

This year I started a Pinterest board for my word of the year, Process, and a board for the year in a more general sense. When I have ideas, my mind tends to have a feel, a color, a sound to it. Perhaps this is how a lot of people experience ideas, do you? I find it helpful to gather images, quotes, songs, things that help propel me towards these ideas and dreams.

When I saw this quote, I knew it was a great quote for my year. We had recently started attending a new church, I knew I would launch a second book, start the third book, we were trying new things with our creative group. It was almost essential for me to show up in each moment like this.

Starting anything new can be extremely exciting and completely daunting. I knew I needed to be brave, stay present, work the process, and show up all in.

What’s your favorite motivational quote?

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