Hey! So… this is my first post on my new blog (nervous). It may take me a few posts to find my style for this blog, wholesale nba jerseys but I can guarantee what topics Camera will be discussed.

My faith

My family



Special Needs




That sort of sums up my life and what I am all about. I’m a wife. I’m a mum to four boys (count Какой ’em up). Our middles both have special needs (22q Deletion Syndrome and Hydrocephalus). I’m a Juni friend. I’m a “I writer. I’m an artist – which is a new term for me to give myself. I’m a daughter and a sister. I’m always looking for a way to share my thoughts and I want my voice to be heard. This little blog is my space to do those things. wholesale jerseys If Idol you want to cheap nfl jerseys know more about the origin stories of our life cheap nba jerseys you can look back on my previous blog: Processing Gavyn or Pails, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails



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