Right now, my desktop background has a quote that says:

I didn’t change, I just found myself.

When I was 20 I went to Europe. It was not a long visit by any stretch. My older brother was spending a semester studying abroad and it gave me the perfect reason to go. I will never forget when I came home, went to work to check my schedule and say hey to my coworkers, and my boss looked at me and said, “You’re different. Why are you different?” I felt different. Something about experiencing new cultures, traveling far away from home, doing it on my own, it had changed me. I was glad it had changed. I wanted to keep evolving and changing.

Over ten years later, and I am really resonating with that quote again, really feeling that again. Something within me has shifted and I hope it never goes back. I’ve always been an odd duck that I looked forward to aging. I know I’m an old soul and the idea of growing, changing, gaining insight because of years lived, it always intrigued me. With each new year, each new decade, I come out the other side feeling different, new, grown. I hope I never stop finding myself.