My friend Kel Rohlf has this fantastic blog, Soulpantry. She has been doing a series on perspective that I have really enjoyed. Every day she leaves you with a little prompt to get your mind working and creative juices flowing. On day two she said:

I am aware of…

I tell you, I have been thinking about that since February second! What am I aware of? And do I answer/muse on this question from the perspective of a wife, mom, artist, Christ follower…? Or do I sit in the middle where all those things meld together to make the true me? What am I aware of today?

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Yesterday was a rough day, one friend is dealing with a family crisis, another’s parent was in the hospital, and still another had to take her baby to the ER. It was the day that just kept rolling in bad news. I had a long list of to-do’s, I had Gavyn home sick, by 6pm I was still playing catch up, and trying to get out the door to take coffee to one of my friends. It was a moment that I should have taken a deep breath and let some things go. But I didn’t. I wasn’t being aware of what was the most important thing at that moment.

The other thing that happened yesterday… I broke through my writer’s block that was brought on by fear. In that moment I was aware, I was aware that I was scared, but I knew what I wanted the story to say. I took a deep breath, I let it go, I wrote a chapter. It was an exciting moment to live through.

And today… What will I be aware of today? Again I have a long to do list and a little three-year-old at home. What will we accomplish? Will I be aware of what the best thing is?

What am I aware of…



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