2017 started off with a bang and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I try to find humor in the chaos of life. I laughed with a friend last night as we remembered 2016 started off with Gavyn having a massive seizure and spending a week in the hospital. This year started with my husbands diagnosis of an incurable disease. That’s how we roll, if we are going to get sick, we go all the way. Humor. It helps me cope with life.

Last year my girls and I read a book on finding joy in life, not just in the good times, in the hard times as well. That book had an impact. I can feel God’s hand in it and how I do find more joy in my life. Have we had to change our lives because of dignosesis? Yes. But I can find joy in the new things it opens to our family.

Humor and Joy.

Within the last year I’ve started a few new projects, started hanging out with a few new people, going back to an old church but with a new friend. I love to sit and talk with all these people, think about my new projects, and expand my perspectives. Is there anything better than sitting over dinner and chatting with friends and learning how you each experienced the same event but completely differently? It is fascinating and wonderful. It helps to not stay locked in your bubble and your own twisted thoughts when you hear from someone else’s perspective. When those friends can speak truth into your life and remind you of who you are in God, who you are in you, who you were and who you are now. It encourages the soul and makes us better people.

Humor and joy and perspective.

I picked a word for 2017. It is the idea of a resolution but instead of specific goals you are working on you are working on a mindset for the year. I picked the word Brave. Even before the new year I saw how things this year will be a challenge with that word but very rewarding. When I’m asked to do something new or something old, I will need to check myself for how to answer Bravely. For some things it will need to be a ‘Yes’ response and other things it will need to be a ‘No’. Funny how that works, right? Some days the harder and braver choice will be to say, “Thank you for asking and no I won’t be able to do that.” Other times it will shake me to my core to utter the word, ‘Yes’ and walk down a new path.

Humor and joy and perspective and Brave.

What a year this will be.