Because some things are just to simple not to make at home.

I am sort of a caramel fanatic and when I crave an iced mocha I want a really good one.

I drink a lot of coffee. Not as much as I did when I was slinging the milk pitchers daily as a barista, but still a lot. A few years ago my friend Angela got me hooked on creamer. Let me tell you, there is no going back. It is like stepping off the ledge into buttery, creamy, sweet, goodness. Why would you ever want to climb out of that pit? Exactly. You never ever would want to. But then you start hitting the gym up regularly and watching what you eat because you had four babies in 8 years… Maybe you need to make a change? But, oh, how you dread it. Then your other good friend Lizzie pours you a cup of coffee at her house and adds her own homemade creamer and your mind explodes. Literally. Right there in her kitchen. What do you do after that? Hit up Pinterest of course and pin as many recipes for homemade creamer as you can. Delicious. So, what do we have here in these three beautiful mason jars?

Homemade caramel sauce (3 ingredients).

Homemade chocolate sauce (4 ingredients)

Homemade caramel coffee creamer (3 ingredients)

Seriously, it is easier than going to the store, taste a bazillion times better, and heck, why not?!