While the world crashes and burns around me, I have the feeling it is going to be a good year, personally. My creative juices are at an all time high. Last year I bought a Journaling Bible. At first I was too nervous to do anything with it, slowly I got brave and began to draw on the pages. Then this year hit and BAM. I am currently illustrating the book of Luke, page by page, day by day. Ryan gave me a sketch book and lettering book for my birthday. I have been using them on an almost daily. Sketch books used to scare the crap out of me. I ripped up another sketch book, decorated the pages, and made my own planner/journal thing. Again, something else that used to intimidate me and I have just shrugged it off and done my own thing. I’m tired of living life off what I think people want from me.

I started getting serious about my creative writing in 2013/2014. Since then I have written three novels, a shit ton of backstories/short stories, and began to find my voice. I would never pretend that any of the content I have is ready for publication or that it is amazing, life changing stuff for the reader. But it has grown me. Yesterday, as I sat down to work, I realized that I am finding my stride after 3 years of consistency. I feel like that is the biggest hurdle with art, figuring out what works for you and not worrying what works for others. That first draft needs to come out of me fast and furious, I have to sit on it and think about it for a month, rework it, sit on it, probably write a ton of things about my characters, and finally go back over it again. Sitting down with the novel I started a year ago and making changes to tighten it up, it feels right. I can tell I am on the right path.

It’ll be a year of growth for sure. The world may fall apart, my life may fall apart, but I can tell it is a time of personal growth. Who knows how many new stories will emerge by December 31, 2017.