I ran across that picture of the houses on Pinterest, I love it. I can’t find who took it originally which is frustrating and the one bad thing with Pinterest. If you know please share! When I look at it though it makes me think of community and how we are all in our houses and they look vastly different on the outside and the inside. Some of us are naturally brightly colored and others not so much.

When you put as all together we create this beautiful patchwork that complements one another.

I once asked my mom if she would have described me as a happy child, she said no. Ha! I’m not a naturally brightly colored house… I resonate more with the muted green houses tucked around the corners. Not a sad color but not overly bright and in your face, more serious and calming. But we all have that friend (maybe you are that friend) who is that bright yellow house, sticking out and saying, “Look at me!” We love that house and we need that friend. I do wonder what the inside is painted though. Is it just as bright or calmer?

We need community. We were created for relationships. Relationships can suck though. We have all been hurt by people, family, friends, spouses, significant others… But as painful as community can be we need it. We need love. And when I think of love the 12th Doctor comes to me saying:

“Love, it is not an emotion. Love is a promise.”

He was right. Whatever people we pick to love and hang with, we have to choose to love them.


That’s me with my giant mug from my best friend. We have a thing about moose… It’s a story… Maybe a blog post (but not really)! Anyway, we met five years ago and from the outside looking in we probably shouldn’t have become friends. As someone once said, we were an unlikely pair. We were. She was in grad school for chemistry, lived in super trendy Central West End (get over it Tina, you totally did), was married to the smartest person I have ever met, loved football… I was a stay at home mom, lived in the county, was super crunchy… But then we both hit a rough patch and our husbands told us we were going to hang out and help each other with stuff. For some odd reason we listened to them. And I’m so glad we did. Because we created this little community that probably should have never happened. But it did. And it is beautiful. Our families will always be connected now. All because we chose to live together and love each other. We made a commitment at some point that first year of friendship, it was never spoken and I don’t know when it happened but it did. I like the top right of the picture, there is a little cluster of houses that I feel like represent us. Some are louder than others, but they complement each other. They make a great patchwork.

Find your people. Find your tribe. Find your community.

Being with people makes us better people. We need people to show us new perspectives and mostly to call us out on our crap.