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Feb 24th, 2017 Uncategorized Amanda Stanley 4 min read

“For most of the world February is just a month but for you February is a season.” Do you have a best friend? Someone that you have almost a secret language with? I do. I got insanely blessed with two. We are this little trio that text daily in a group text. We celebrate birthdays together. We’ve been known to vacation together. We rejoice in…


Nov 15th, 2016 Uncategorized Amanda Stanley 5 min read

I don’t like to talk about how I grew up. When I think about my childhood, I have this weird mixture of feelings that swirl around in my stomach. It’s safe to say it’s a topic I have safely avoided until recently. Which in and of itself is odd to me. I suppose it is due to the fact that the majority of my friends…


Oct 21st, 2016 muses, Uncategorized Amanda Stanley 5 min read

Hope. Such a small word. Such a powerful word. Such an emotional word. When you see the word Hope, does it conjure emotions in your soul? Maybe not all the time, it has become a trendy word, plastered on mugs, tshirts, and wall art. (Okay hipsters, settle down with the triangles and one word phrases.) Back on topic… When you really think about the word…


Oct 16th, 2016 Uncategorized Amanda Stanley 1 min read

Earlier this week my 28 Day Challenge was: find one holy thing each day for a week. I cannot stop thinking about holiness. What makes something holy? Why are we drawn to it? How does it influence us? How will my life change if I focus on the holy? I have only been doing it for a few days, but it drastically changes how you…