I've started to give thought to posture this year. It feels like a challenge to overcome. What stance does one take in order to Flourish? What a big, grand, audacious word to pick for ones year. I've thought about posture in the context of my word for the year, in the context of this blog, … Continue reading posture


The snow has melted, and the ground has returned to the crunchy, frozen, dead, brown leaves that covered the earth before. Looking out my window the world appears gray, hard, uninviting. I have no desire to leave the comfort of my cozy studio for the cold that has descended upon us. This morning I sit … Continue reading gray


My earbuds, pounding music into my mind, create a weird dichotomy as I look out my window into the pitch, still, blackness of the night. It yells quiet, calm, nothingness. My ears hear a loud, pounding drum line that gives way to a melodic guitar. My surroundings feel calm and quiet, while my mind is … Continue reading walk


I sit in my new spot in my studio this morning. At the beginning of the new year, I decided it was time to take everything out of the studio, clean, add more organization, and rethink the space. I'm glad I did it, I'm glad Katie helped. She built me new shelves for my books … Continue reading snow

dear momma

It’s been six years and two days. I still think about him. I still think about you. . This year has felt so heavy for us all. The world has slowed and shifted. We’ve stayed in, we’ve argued, we’ve made peace, found new joys, enjoyed being together, and all gone stir-crazy. . Perhaps that’s why … Continue reading dear momma