living the drama

When I blogged on Friday, I sat in my favorite cafe, drinking a delicious coffee, eating wonderful pastries. The weather outside felt spring-like, warm, sunny, full of life. There were people out, milling around the small town, going in and out of shops. My partner sat across the table from me, reading, journaling, making me … Continue reading living the drama

My Writing Genre

When I was little, we had this kid record player and one of the records we had was The Hobbit. I remember listening to it a lot. I loved fantasy and adventures and mythical creatures. Finding My Voice In the '90s a TV mini-series of Merlin aired with Sam Neill playing Merlin. I'm embarrassed to … Continue reading My Writing Genre

Business Mind

I talked a little in my last post about how self-promotion took me about a year to figure out. I am not saying I am perfect at it either, I am always learning from the experience. The other piece of this self-publishing writing journey I am learning about this year is business. Selling books When … Continue reading Business Mind