A.R. Stanley grew up in Missouri where she still resides. She spent a good portion of her childhood playing in the woods of rural Missouri. A pastime she still enjoys doing with her four sons. Since a young age, she filled every scrap of paper with her “stories” or scribbles. Her teenage years were spent reading, drinking coffee, and dreaming up characters of her own. The idea of Dandelion came to her while driving back and forth to a storage unit with her best friend who was moving out of state. They came up with the opening scene and the characters who would later evolve into Cadmus and Mel. It is A.R. Stanley’s hope that anyone who has loved a person with an addiction can find understanding and compassion for them through Dandelion. She believes it is our shared brokenness that brings us closer together over our triumphs and accolades. You can find the first two books in the series, Dandelion Jane: Strawberry Jelly & Dandelion Jane: a 1,000 Wishes on Amazon in paperback or for Kindle.