I’ve spent a lot of time wondering about God, faith, my everyday life, how these things all work together, coexist. I’ve felt curious about writing for a time on my thoughts and feelings about God how those thoughts have changed, evolved, grown, shrunk over time.

I feel stuck when I think much past the desire to write my thoughts about God. I don’t feel qualified to share. I used to feel as if I had much to share and impart to others. Perhaps the last year or two have humbled me in a way I needed. I’d much rather listen and hear a new or different perspective.

It’s still there, though, this desire to write my thoughts, so, how do I mingle the two?

Perhaps, I open my mind, my heart, my blog, with this statement:
I’m not trying to have all the answers. I’m not saying I do. I’m digging deep into my thoughts, my heart, my intentions.

I find it interesting that the second descriptor for intention in the Merriam Webster Dictionary is: the object for which a prayer, mass, or pious act is offered.

My intention for this blog is similar to a prayer. I am seeking, I am questioning, I am hoping for clarity in this quest.

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