It’s been a little over a year since I inked a lamppost onto my forearm. I had wanted it for about a year. I knew exactly where it needed to reside on my body. I knew the exact reason I wanted it. Then I do what I tend to do with tattoos, I wait, and … Continue reading me


Covid... faith... church... . These three things have a hard time mixing. . I’ve not been inside a church building since February. Early February, I had what’s considered a minor surgery but recovery for me was tough. I was unprepared after four pregnancies and births for it to take my body as long as it … Continue reading faith


As I sat in my studio this morning scrolling through pictures, gazing out the window, sipping coffee, I realized this was one of the first, if not the first morning I woke up and my first thought didn’t go to guilt, remorse, a pit in my stomach. I woke up different. I woke up a … Continue reading forgetting


It’s the unexpected things that hold attachment that catch me off guard. The season shifted to fall, October walked through the door, slow, and golden. She shrugged off her jacket and sat on the couch with a cup of hot coffee. I hadn’t expected her like that. I hadn’t expected her to linger in this … Continue reading unexpected


This October feels strange. In many ways, this year has trudged along, slow, steady, slow again. The beginning of the year felt like months would never end. Some days were tiny infinities in and of themselves. Spring sprung and all things COVID with it. Nothing felt fast. Here I sit, a few days into October, … Continue reading ponderings


I like to have Pinterest boards for my year and a Spotify playlist. They grow and evolve as the year goes on. Sometimes. I pinned the artwork for this post at the beginning of the year. I’ve been in the ‘Keep going’ spot, a lot. Some days, weeks, months more than others. . I wish … Continue reading going


I wonder if our minds are like spiderwebs. We’ve been seeing spiderwebs everywhere this year. When we are out in the woods, walking around the neighborhood, at home, they keep catching your eye or mine. They’re tricky little bastards. You could walk past one the size of your face and not see it if the … Continue reading webs