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You guys… this is my legit face when I start to think about social media and promoting myself. I am an Enneagram 1w2. I am a Myers Briggs INFJ. I do not like fake. I do not like corruption. I can’t even when it comes to social media.

But here we are. I’m an author and I want to sell my books.

Over the years I have taken breaks/fasts from Facebook and not once did I miss it. I usually came back around to posting because of the boys and wanting to share something they were in with family. With the oldest starting middle school and his friends beginning to use social media, I realized how important his privacy was and began posting less and less. Then our year turned sour and I didn’t have the desire to post at all. I stopped using Facebook altogether and stuck to Instagram for 6 or more months.

I have to remind myself I can do hard things.

Do you see this bingo card? Check on all of them for me. It makes me a hot mess when it comes to the news, social media, and NPR. With the release of my second book, I started to realize I needed to get over myself and my own limitations.

My husband is a graphic designer and understands media and selling an idea. I do not. I’m really awful at it. He is basically in charge of telling me what to do, and although I fight him tooth and nail over things, I do it. I know he’s right and I know he knows what he’s talking about. Usually, the things I fight him the most on end up being the ideas that get me the most attention. I say this because if you are a self-publishing author, and you too don’t know what to do, find people who do and listen to them. Start small and build up. I am no expert on this, and I am learning as I go. I hope the things I have learned can help you in your process.

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