It's the time of year for new possibilities. . I saw a friend this past weekend I had not seen in something like 18 years. It was so good to get a hug from her, meet her kids, hear a little about her life now. . I overheard two conversations this past weekend that I … Continue reading spring


I joined Insta in 2013 but didn't use it until two years ago. It took me a minute to get used to it but as my love affair with Facebook was dwindling my love of beautiful pictures grew. The square When I published Dandelion Jane: Strawberry Jelly in 2017 I threw my Instagram posting into … Continue reading Instagram


Last year I had every intention of kicking my social media posting in the butt. As my bullet journal showed at the end of the year, I failed. As I said in my earlier post, me and social media have a fraught relationship. I want to like it. When social media was growing in popularity, … Continue reading Facebook


We are about a year out from this "transition year". It's been one hell of a roller-coaster. We've said goodbye to a job, a church, a beloved dog, an Aunt, a cousin, sent friends halfway around the world, started two new jobs, and transitioned a child from tween to teen. I had visions of what … Continue reading broken

Social Media

You guys... this is my legit face when I start to think about social media and promoting myself. I am an Enneagram 1w2. I am a Myers Briggs INFJ. I do not like fake. I do not like corruption. I can't even when it comes to social media. But here we are. I'm an author … Continue reading Social Media