My Editor

Mar 28th, 2019 A.R. Stanley, A.R. Stanley's Musings arstanley 3 min read

My little series on influential people in my writing career wouldn’t mean nearly as much if I didn’t touch on my second biggest supporter – my editor and best friend. Who’s always in your corner cheering you on? That December that I began writing again, the first person I let see my work, was my best friend. It was bad. It was clunky and I…

Suzanne Collins

Mar 21st, 2019 A.R. Stanley, A.R. Stanley's Musings arstanley 3 min read

Suzanne Collins means something to me that Louisa May Alcott can’t touch. While Louisa inspired me, encouraged me, gave me the courage to write, Collins saved my life. When you read the book that changes your life there is a distinct before and after. Am I crazy saying that? Is it only me? I doubt it. I will never forget where I was, what I…


Mar 18th, 2019 A Year on The Porch arstanley 1 min read

It has been a season of loss for us. A long season. Like the bleak winter that seems to never end. There are days of sunshine to warm your face, but they fade quickly. The sun hiding its face once again behind the clouds. . It is wearing on me. I’ve felt it more these past few months than I did before. As if it…

My First Critic

Mar 14th, 2019 A.R. Stanley, A.R. Stanley's Musings arstanley 4 min read

Whenever you put yourself out there, you’re going to get some negative feedback. Depending on how you handle criticism and how it’s given you can either grow from it or die from it. I’m still learning how to push past critique. I have always been a sensitive soul. It drives me crazy. I’ve told myself to grow a thick skin and buck up a lot….


Mar 11th, 2019 A Year on The Porch arstanley 4 min read

At the beginning of February, I had coffee with a friend. Last year was one hell of a year for both of us. We sat with our warm beverages and sweet treats and mourned what the last year meant for us. We commiserated over how long, dark, cold, and bleak February is. She told me she recently found a book a loved one had given…

Louisa May Alcott

Mar 7th, 2019 A.R. Stanley, A.R. Stanley's Musings arstanley 6 min read

My series for March is the four most influential people in my writing career. And what better person to kick it off with than Jo March? I remember learning to read and reading board books. The magic of letters having sounds and the sounds making words and words making a story. I remember realizing the way a character spoke gave them a voice all their…


Mar 5th, 2019 A Year on The Porch arstanley 2 min read

I read this book Grace Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel for the first time probably nine years ago, I’ve read it again several times, seven years ago I quoted him on Facebook. When I did that I had no forethought into what it would mean to me when it would pop up seven years later. I had no idea we would be halfway through middle school with the…