open door

I grew up in a home with an open-door policy. Hospitality was a big thing for our family. We had several friends live with us, we had church in our home, youth group, band practice, bible studies, and a lot of late-night talks. That culture easily passed to me. I love having a house full of people. We’ve become the middle school hang out this year. We’ve hosted a group of artists once a month for three years. We’ve hosted community groups in the past and just started a new one this month. There’s something magical about opening your home. It’s less about your space and so much more about your heart. Allow people in, expect them to linger, the food will stretch, the hours will lengthen, and you’ll find they want to come back.When you listen more than talk people are heard and that’s a gift we all need. When my home has been full it does something to my heart. It opens it to hear new experiences and understand other stories. It reminds me not everyone has a safe place and I always want my home to fill that gap for anyone. 

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