A few years ago, my bible study/book study group read a series by James Bryan Smith that changed the way I see things. One of his analogies was of watching the birds in the winter eat berries from the bushes in his backyard. I see this play out in my life, time and again. I, too, have a tree in my backyard that fills with berries for the birds in the winter. It’s a constant reminder of God caring for our family.

We are a large family that lives on one income. It is a choice we make, and we make sacrifices for me to stay home. This year all the things in the house decided to break. It’s just that kind of year. We’ve fixed the emergency things and are saving for the none emergencies. It’s life, right? One of the none emergencies driving me crazy was our couch. I loved our couch. It was neutral, large, and ridiculously comfortable. What I hated about our couch… the fake leather was peeling off, there were holes where the stuffing was coming out, the cat scratched up a side, and it was generally falling apart. Couches are expensive, y’all. It was not a priority.

A week ago, we found out our pastor had three couches he was giving away. We went over and had a sit. Not only were they in much better shape than ours, comfortable, neutral, and large enough for our family, they were free. Free! He and his wife just wanted them to go to someone who needed them. Today we got our old couch moved out and two new ones brought in. I feel like I got a new house!

Berries. Of all the things we are working to fix the couch was the least of them. But God knew how much that couch bothered me. He knew it made me feel bad about us and our home. He knew I needed a little something to help change my perspective. He knows, y’all. He knows, and he loves us.