This year I learned I am not immune from danger or sickness. I got in this groove of thinking nothing could happen to me because I’m Mom, and lord knows my kids have enough going on. I mean, we’ve got hydrocephalus/cerebral palsy/seizures/genetic diagnosis/speech impairment/thyroid issues. Enough. Then we got hit with thinking I had breast … Continue reading 666


We got a puppy. After our senior pup passed, I spent almost 3 months researching dog breeds and scoured adoption websites. We tried to adopt a St. Bernard mix and had the painful experience of rejection. On an almost whim we found ourselves at the shelter on “Clear the Shelter” day. I knew what dogs … Continue reading puppy


 I joined an author webinar last evening hoping to get some wisdom, tips, learn from people who are in the industry. I can't say I came away with anything earth-shattering. Honestly, I was disappointed and disgruntled when all was said and done. That's not really the point I'm trying to make with this blog though. … Continue reading Community

Chalk Board

I wrote this quote a few months ago (*cough*6*cough*) on our blackboard in the kitchen. It reminded me of our little artist community, our neighbors, family. It felt easy when I chalked it up there. Then this year happened and suddenly I found myself without a “ministry platform”. Things I had worked hard to accomplish, … Continue reading Chalk Board


I am not a famous writer. I am simply an amateur writer who self-published a novel on Amazon. I'm not dissing myself. I started writing on a consistent basis in 2013. (A funny side note, I can always remember what year it was because it was after I saw the movie 'Catching Fire' and finished … Continue reading Fans