Sep 26th, 2018 A Year on The Porch arstanley 1 min read

This year I learned I am not immune from danger or sickness. I got in this groove of thinking nothing could happen to me because I’m Mom, and lord knows my kids have enough going on. I mean, we’ve got hydrocephalus/cerebral palsy/seizures/genetic diagnosis/speech impairment/thyroid issues. Enough. Then we got hit with thinking I had breast cancer. Cleared that. Thought I might need breast surgery. Nope….


Sep 11th, 2018 A Year on The Porch arstanley 1 min read

We got a puppy. After our senior pup passed, I spent almost 3 months researching dog breeds and scoured adoption websites. We tried to adopt a St. Bernard mix and had the painful experience of rejection. On an almost whim we found ourselves at the shelter on “Clear the Shelter” day. I knew what dogs they had (I only stalked every dog within 100 miles)…


Sep 11th, 2018 A.R. Stanley's Musings, muses, social media, writing arstanley 2 min read

 I joined an author webinar last evening hoping to get some wisdom, tips, learn from people who are in the industry. I can’t say I came away with anything earth-shattering. Honestly, I was disappointed and disgruntled when all was said and done. That’s not really the point I’m trying to make with this blog though. One of the great tips they did give was that…

Chalk Board

Sep 6th, 2018 A Year on The Porch arstanley 1 min read

I wrote this quote a few months ago (*cough*6*cough*) on our blackboard in the kitchen. It reminded me of our little artist community, our neighbors, family. It felt easy when I chalked it up there. Then this year happened and suddenly I found myself without a “ministry platform”. Things I had worked hard to accomplish, build, invest in, grow, they all fell like sand through…


Sep 2nd, 2018 A.R. Stanley's Musings, muses, writing arstanley 1 min read

I am not a famous writer. I am simply an amateur writer who self-published a novel on Amazon. I’m not dissing myself. I started writing on a consistent basis in 2013. (A funny side note, I can always remember what year it was because it was after I saw the movie ‘Catching Fire’ and finished reading the ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy. For another blog… ) I…