I thought writing a novel was hard work. Then I decided to self-publish. And run social media. And promote. And have my husband design and lay things out. And it suddenly overwhelmed me, and some amateur attempts came out of it all. I tell myself I am not the first to experience this nor will I be the last.  Each step and setback can teach you something. I am trying to learn to not rush. I get impatient and honestly, I get bored waiting. I need to learn to take a chill pill and wait a hot minute. All good things must be waited on, right? I hate it. I want it to all be done yesterday, so I can start working on the next thing.


All that to say… I’m back! I had to unpublish and fix things, we had to take the website down and fix things, we’ve done a lot of fixing. Hopefully, I am are back and better than ever!


Have you ever had a big roadblock that derailed you? Do you give up or fight back?

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